I’m a 66 year old blithering idiot, whose mind was bent by a 30 year career in Corrections.  This is an alter-ego website, and vehicle for nonsense verse and any other thing I feel worthy of ridicule or just posting.  Actually this is my alter-ego’s alter-ego blog.  Kinda like my dark side’s dark side.  But it’s not like magnetism or some other weird science , where two negatives make a positive. It’s more like… per verse.

My name is Hansi, and my other blog was Hansi’s Hallucinations.   This blog started out as a poetry blog, but is morphing more into a drawing blog; my first love.  Unlike Hansi’s Hallucinations,  the Blithering Idiot gives me the opportunity to just let things rip;  be it from my personal psychedelic journal or just some recent (or really old) drawing I did.  No big narratives or profound thoughts.   Just stuff that is what it is.  The drawings are either pencil or pen & ink, and are only moderately adjusted in Photo Shop to look their best.

As ZZ Top said, “Enjoy, and get it on”.  Oh yeah,  the drawing to your right IS NOT a self-portrait.

  1. hansi says:

    Thanks for the plug. I love your art work.

  2. love these drawings!!!!
    who on earth are you?
    perhaps not of earth at all?!?

  3. Fabulous drawings and I do enjoy a damn good rant!

  4. nikkitytom says:

    Love your blithering … and sketches. But this adipose lady resting her girth on her groaning walking stick is one of the very best. For some reason, which defies all conventional ideas of charm, she is … absolutely charming.

  5. davidreidart says:

    Thanks for the like Hansi, Looking forward to your drawings! cheers

  6. Hello Hansi, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve awarded you The Sunshine Award for being creatively inspiring. Feel free to accept or reject. And thank you for all your encouraging comments.

  7. PAZ says:

    I love your sketches so much! I just figured I’d tell you that before I go and hit the like button on all of them.

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