Lesson For The Day

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Flat-0ut Bullshit
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B I 011

Don’t ever, and I’m talkin’ never ever, draw on scrap paper if you’re trying to produce some serious artwork.  This is a truism, worthy of being written on a bathroom wall.  Good thing this wasn’t a serious piece, or I would have cropped out the fact that I’m drawing on some cheap-ass paper The Wife scrounged from some garbage can or thrift store.  Garbage in – garbage out?  Perhaps.  Something to thing about.

  1. lobotero says:

    I use to write poetry on whatever was handy…..still a good work….

  2. Been there, done ,got the t-shirt. It was ugly too!

  3. Sometimes it helps to free you up when you’ve got creative constipation. Sometimes good paper can be inhibiting, that’s why I tend to abuse my paper before I draw on it 🙂

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