Thought For The Day

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Foolishness

B I 010

I wish I had a thought for the day.  Just one.  No more.  Problem is I have thoughts all the time.  Some of them I even remember, but most just turn to dust in my mind.  Which goes to show just how profound all of em are when ya forget 99% of what ya thought.

Wouldn’t it be cool to go around all day with one predominant thought filling your mind?  Something like: Being thankful;  lovingkindness; Being selfless.  It would sure as hell be better than dwelling on how the Middle Class is getting screwed, or what Kim Karashian is up to next.

  1. john zande says:

    Not sure about thoughts of the day, but last night had a crazy one! Sleeping, dead to the world then a commotion in the room didn’t just bring me back to consciousness it BLEW ME BACK. One of our cats had gotten behind the huge standing mirror in the bedroom and toppled it. I came too just as it was crashing down on the fan, in the middle of a dream… half dream, half awake, half alive, half dead. For a minute I couldn’t work out which world i was in. I was, for all intentional purposes existing in two worlds simultaneously, conscious of both; watching both…. and then I said something deeply profound… which i have since forgotten.

  2. lobotero says:

    When in doubt I use….Have A Day…..

  3. I kinda focus on breathing or finding my glasses, keys and wallet. Forget the remote-it seems to have legs.

  4. Those pesky remotes seem to have a mind of their own.

  5. It’s the old internal dialogue, or as I prefer to call it, that endless stream of absolute crap that fills my brain

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