Slippin’ In

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Flat-0ut Bullshit

12-12-13 001

Okay…this is just what I was trying to avoid when I stopped doing my “Hansi” blog.  See, I drew the above ink drawing while in my “Hansi” phase, and colored it in the other night while in my “Blithering Idiot” phase.  And like a true fucking idiot, I slipped back into what I was trying to get out of.  People who’ve done a shit-load of drugs or abused alcohol would call it a ‘relapse’.

Well sure as shit, I relapsed into my old Hansi mode and drew more of the same ol’ shit.  Sounds bad, but you know what?  Relapse is just doing a behavior that you’ve become comfortable with and comes easily.  So it’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless your life is going down the tubes because of it.  Then you have a little “problem area”.

So now…being in full relapse mode.  When I was a probation officer, I met a lot of people who were really fucked-up, whose problem areas were quite expansive.  Addicts and alcoholics, wife beaters, rapists and child molesters.  My favorite was Mr LaPeep.  A real “Chester the Molester”, he was the ultimate stereotype of the dirty old man offering children candy.  His first conviction for ‘lewd behavior’ was in 1946!  A year before I was born [I met him early on in my career].  He was what we called a “dirt-bag”, for whom I had no qualms in recommending a return to prison.

Ah yes…the cream of the crop.  Don’t know what got me onto this.  Maybe just another joyful ode to the glory of herbal medications.

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    It’s not the same stuff because there are no boobs.

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