Just Let Go

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Foolishness

woman-face 13

This is a chaser to my “Just Say No” post of a few days ago.  If you’re doing something that burns on the way down, you sure as hell want a chaser.  Beer works good after a shot of whiskey, and if you’re doing Tequila shooters (or worse yet, they’re doing you), well you wanna make damn sure you got some salt and a slice of lemon handy.

When you’re really locked into wanting something badly, and that’s bad for you, I find it best to just stop, tune in, and see how I’m feeling.  Not the emotional ‘feeling’ of desire or whatever, but the bodily and mental sensations you’re perceiving via the five senses.  If what you’re feeling as a result of desire or craving is tension, stress and not relief, friction or uneasiness, them something is wrong.  Ya think?  If it wasn’t, I’d be at ease, content, happy and joyful.

If freedom, peace of mind and happiness is what ya want.  Maybe pursuing a certain course of action is not worth it.  Instead of resisting it (kinda like desire, but wanting something to be other than what it is): Saying No.  Maybe it would be better to “Just Let Go”.

  1. john zande says:

    Wisdom: It’s invaluable!

  2. lobotero says:

    Words of wisdom from the sage on the hill….

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