Just Say No

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Foolishness

say no 002

“Just say no”.  Famous words courtesy of Nancy Reagan, wife of conservative god and President of the United States Ronald Reagan.  That was her solution to winning ‘The War On Drugs’  If someone offers you some drugs, well all ya gotta do is just say, “No thank you”.  Pretty easy…for anybody who hasn’t ever touched drugs and would never think of using them.  But, for those who’ve said, “What the fuck, I’ll give it a try”.  That’s a different story altogether.  Because drugs make ya feel good, and everybody wants to feel good.  And everything anyone does is to make them feel good, or ultimately feel good.

Anyway, War On Drugs rant notwithstanding, have you ever wanted something, but knew it was really bad for you and could have disastrous consequences should ya do it?  But still, knowing the downside, want to pursue it anyway?  Going so far as to rationalize it away, thinking, “Maybe once or…possibly twice, what would be the harm?  I’d sure be nice”.  Maybe it’s all about risk and reward.  The short-term reward, by far out-weighing the longer term risks.

That’s when the old internal dialogue, that constant debate you’re having with yourself, goes totally ape-shit: clear rational thought being met with,”But I still wanna do it”.  “And I wanna do it cause I’ll never be satisfied, or have any rest until my graving is met.”  At that point you’re totally delusional, no longer give a shit about anyone else, let alone the effects it may have on them, and just say,”To hell with it”, and do it anyway.

Problem is, once you take a leap off of that cliff, the end results are often times not that satisfying and ya wonder what the hell ya did.  Boy, if that ever happens to me, I’m gonna remember old Nancy Reagan, and Just Say No!

  1. There did come a time when I had to say no, not anymore…24 years ago the consequences just became too great…not judging just saying.

  2. Good one, Hansi. Happy New Year, and remember, just say No xx

  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Happy New Year Hansi … and as always, thanks for making a point through laughter.

  4. I’d say no to Nancy Reagan 😉

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