Blithering Again

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Foolishness

Mixed 003

The really cool thing about having a blog ya don’t actively work, and now rarely post on, is, because of the inactivity, nobody reads it.  So you can post any damn thing ya want, and who cares?  Nobody is gonna read it.

Pretty Cool?  But that doesn’t mean I can just throw up anything.  That may offend my non-readers.  And I don’t wanna offend no one.  Well, that’s not completely true.  They key to being truly offensive, is:  ya gotta be selective in who ya offend.  Can’t just offend everybody.  Nope, then no one will be on your side.  So you gotta target a certain group, and let all your offenses rip on them.

Or at least that’s the way I see how it’s done by those who are effective in their offensiveness.

April Art 006

  1. Chris says:

    So do I. Hope you had a great Father’s Day!

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