Feeling Good

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Foolishness

Here’s one I “touched up” in PhotoShop.  The truer version will be featured on a Hansi post, coming soon.

If there is one thing I like, it’s feeling good.  And the only thing better than feeling good, is feeling even better.  I’m not talking so much about intoxication, although that can make ya feel good, even really good, for a while.  Then there’s the downside.  Too bad for every up-side, there’s a down-side.  Maybe it’s a karmic punishment.

For me, feeling good comes from physical exercise, and, mental exercise.  Eating right, vigorous exercise, sleeping well (including mid-day naps) and little to no alcohol use does a lot in this department.  The mental exercise is more difficult.  For me, this consists mainly of “mindfulness training”, wherein, I’m aware, from a non-judgmental viewpoint, of what’s going on around me and what my gut reactions are in the present moment.  The good feeling comes from not being swayed by emotions and fears, and having a positive sense of everything being Okay.  Maybe not as desirable as ya may like it to be, but still Okay; and not the determiner of why I am or am not happy.

Sure hope you’re feeling good.

  1. Yeah, feel’in good too! Didn’t know you played in PS. Did you literally turn your head around in PS?

  2. lobotero says:

    For me it is the mental exercise that makes me feel good….of course, pain meds do not hurt….LOL

  3. Feelin’ good Hansi, feelin’ good. And photoshop? I’m impressed 😉

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