Posted: August 28, 2012 in Foolishness

In the early days of my blogging experience, coming on two years now, I followed a lot of folks that blogged about blogging, and how if ya got good enough at it, could make a shit-load of money doing so.  A lot of those guys aren’t blogging anymore.  Maybe they got rich blogging and are now retired from it all.   Who knows?

Well, I like to blog about blogging.  But let me assure you, I haven’t made a dime doing so.  To bad.  There’s sure a lot of people getting rich spewing forth bullshit, and my bullshit is just as good as theirs; if not better.  Mine is illustrated!   I also use colorful language freely, not just when my brain short circuits and I utter a gaffe so fucking stupid, all my dumb-shit followers are even taken back.  Think: “Legitimate Rape”.

I’d never say something that dumb, cause I don’t want to rape you , legitimately or not.  However, I’m not above screwing with your mind a bit 🙂


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