Posted: August 22, 2012 in Foolishness

I think I’m gonna stick with single digits only in this number series.  Not that I have anything against double digits.  I’d sure like to be getting double-digit returns in my retirement accounts.  But sadly, I’m getting closer to zero.  Zero might be the last in this series, even though it’s not really a number.  I mean like, if someone told you to hold up zero fingers, how many would ya have?  Why none of course.

I’m gonna have to give some serious thought to whether or not I want to explore the number zero.  May not be much too it.  Could even do a minimalist type of thing on it; which would be fitting for the numeral that represents nothing.  But that may even be too much.

Perhaps, and this is where a little THC comes in handy while dreaming up blog posts,  I won’t even do a post on Zero, which will actually BE the post on Zero, because it’s gonna be all about nothing, and the best way to express that and do it justice, is by doing nothing.  So when ya get back to normal (I prefer the ‘new normal’) and wonder , “Hey where’s Zero”.  Well you’ll realize that you’ve already read it, by not seeing anything.

Pretty far out…no?

  1. lobotero says:

    It appears that he is taking advantage of his #9….LOL

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