Bend Your Head To The Right, aka 8

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Foolishness

Made ya bent your head!   But for good reason, you can see this drawing two ways:  This way, or with your head bent to the right.  Or if you prefer, just turn your computer screen on its side.  But that’s much too difficult for me, cause I’m not writing  this on some goddamned cell phone, and tweeting it to all my “friends” (or is that Facebook?).  See, I don’t have a cell phone.  What no cell phone?   Nope, not since I retired from being a probation officer.  But now?  Never sent a text message, nor Tweeted in my life.  No Facebook, but I do have two blogs…go figure.  I believe in the selected use of technology.  A lot less invasive that way.

Anyway, this was my hallucination for the number eight.  You can straighten out your head now.

  1. lobotero says:

    Where’s my Ben Gay?

  2. It’s a perfectly good figure 8. Why would I want to look at it sideways?

  3. Bethel Moyer says:

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