I don’t feel like drawing

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Foolishness

I don’t feel like drawing, but I’m drawing anyway.  Mostly kitchen plans, the finals of which, bear little resemblance to these.   Finally, The wife and I came up with something we can both live with, and that being something very similar to what we have been living with.

Change is not good when ya get older.  It can really upset things, especially when ya have them dialed in to perfection; our kitchen being the exception.  And like adult diapers (not there yet), change is sometimes even desirable and can improve the quality of one’s life.  So, having finally plunked down the money [the common indicator that you’re getting serious about a venture], we are gonna go through some changes, like no kitchen for five weeks and living in utter chaos.

  1. Get a good meal in first:)

  2. ooooffff all that upset……

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