Posted: August 16, 2012 in Foolishness

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post this drawing featuring the number seven, or the drawing below.  I’m using them both on my Hansi posts featuring numbers in an ascending order.  So why not just place them here, in reverse order from how I’m gonna place them there, by placing the one on top , on the bottom of the other.  That’s pretty confusing verbally, but not so much visually.  And this after all, is more of a straight-up drawing blog, visually, than a opinion laden straight-up rant type of blog, verbally.  The thing of it is, the lines between the two blogs is starting to get a little fuzzy.

Wonder how that happened?

  1. I wonder…like ’em both.

  2. lobotero says:

    Prefer #1—–have always been a booty man…….

  3. I like both! But if the line between your two blogs is becoming blurred, does that mean that Hansi is becoming a Blithering Idiot??

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