Posted: August 14, 2012 in Foolishness

Now this is the sixth time I’m using the same stuff on both of my blogs.  Different commentary!  It’s not like cheaping, or getting extra-credit when ya haven’t earned it.  I went over “earning extra-credits” on my last post (working part-time in retirement for all you with shorter memories than me), and how I can’t stand it, yet keep selling my flesh for the almighty dollar.

On my Hansi Post, I’ve written about mutants, and what it’s like being a mutant.  You know, an outcast who’s different, and therefore all ways the object of suspicion.  Unwanted, an ‘other’.  Definitely not like the rest of us.

But I’ll forgo all that here at The Blithering Idiot.  And rather focus on how having two blogs is like having a mutant brother, or alter ego.  Pretty cool being two people, or at least giving the illusion of such.  Cause you can act in two different ways, and set different standards for each blog.  Yep   A  Double Standard.   If one standard is good, then two have got to be better.

  1. No guilt for duplicate image posts-it’s all good. Maybe you should have six blogs….

  2. You might want to ponder this: (the words make more sense today than they did in 69)

  3. PAZ says:

    Hands can be tricky to draw (especially for the novice like me). 🙂

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