Posted: August 11, 2012 in Foolishness

I just finished writing my fourth post in this series, “Four”, and still had a good buzz goin’, so I decided to move on ahead and do this one  post, while I had a good head of steam going. Nothing better than when your head gets steamed up, cleans things out.  And for me,  it means cranking out blog posts.

I sure wish I got paid for cranking out this bullshit, then I wouldn’t have to go to the House of Pain (My former employer) and work for them part-time.  Not than I have to work there, I don’t!  I could tell them to “fuck-off “, and just walk away with little or no consequences, except for the loss of a good paying part-time job.

Well, “fuck me”.  I’m not gonna do that, cause I like having money, especially money I don’t have to work hard for.  It’s not hard work at the House of Pain, just emotionally draining, with some psychological scarring.   See, the key to survival there is kinda like the “Death of a thousand Cuts”, it’s slow, and barely noticeable.  But ya gotta be careful.  You’re probably gonna be Okay in the low hundreds, but when ya start pushin’ 7-800 cuts, you don’t have much room left for error.   That’s why I’m getting the hell out of there somewhere in the 950’s.  It’s those last fifty cuts, that are killers.  That’s why its good to keep the number five always in mind

Well, I’ll be dipped in shit, if I didn’t do another Hansi post on the Blightering Idiot.  But it was fun.  I can use the same pictures twice, but make it all different by using a different commentary.  Talk about cranking out bullshit.   Damn, was I ever a good bureaucrat.

  1. lobotero says:

    Is that ‘finn’ a bribe?

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