Wee Wee Warning

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Foolishness

One of my favorite bloggers always places a [parental guidance] warning on the life drawings she does from a male model; those genitalia sometimes show.  Well that’s cool, a little too proper for my crass American tastes, but I get it.  That’s why I put a wee-wee warning on this post.

I don’t think a lot of children drop by this blog.  If you do, do your parents know what the hell you’re doing on their computer all day; and get your little asses out of that trailer park and go to school!

So I thought I’d throw in this wee-wee warning even though there’s no wee wees in the piece, just a huge banana.  But some folks have dirty minds and feed on filth.  That’s why I placed the warning, not so much so you wouldn’t look at a penis, but as a warning to watch your evil imaginations and to not let your mind wonder into the gutter.

  1. Didn’t know you had a second blog! Draw on!

  2. The guy looks like Cyrano! And, now that you mention the wee wee issue, maybe there is some truth to that rumor that the size of the nose is a predictor of other anatomical attributes?

  3. hahaha excellent. But I put the warnings up BECAUSE of American sensibilities. MySpace tried banning my work and Facebook has recently introduced rather draconian censorship which bans nipples as well as goolies. Pictures of Michaelangelo’s David and breadtfeeding mothers have been targeted for censorship. American institutions seem far more prudish than American people – I wonder why that is? I am LOVING the gratuitous willy shot 😉

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