Taking the Plunge

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Foolishness

O K.   Here’s another one of the ink drawings I colorized with coloured pencils.

Right now things are getting pretty blurred between this blog and my Hansi’s Hallucinations blog.  Hey they’re all Hansi’s (my) hallucinations but the thing is there’s no-longer much of a distinction between the two.   Used to be that Hansi was a vehicle for rants posted from the perspective of a retired probation officer who sometimes indulged in a little too much herbal “medication”.  While The Blithering Idiot, originally a vehicle for my perverse poetry [ be sure to check out my earliest Archives to be truly offended],  a blog where I could just post my drawings and journal entries without much effort, cause all the effort already went into the work to be posted (hope that makes sense).

See what I mean, this is more a “Hansi” post than a Blithering Idiot post.  Like driving under the influence, I’m finding that it’s difficult to avoid weaving between lanes, not to mention doing 35 in a 55 mph zone.  Thing is, a lot more people follow Hansi than The Blithering Idiot (that lucky Hansi), and hardly anyone who doesn’t do art follows this Idiot.

Solution:  I’m gonna try something new.  I’m gonna post this Hansi Post on the Idiot, and an “Idiot” post on “Hansi”, and link them and see what happens.  Pretty trippy I know, but hey! this stuff’s gotta stay fun… and fresh.

  1. Gavrillo says:

    Drive 55 in the 30MPH zone just as you’re coming into Coon Valley(still on the outskirts with the farm on the right and the miniscule farm house) past county R that runs to Norsekedalen and you’ll get a CD ROM in the mail from the local constabulary with a recording of the offense. The Fjord bar’s still there and the feed mill but the bank has a huge lion offering a sip of water. Most kids would object to putting their head in the lion’s jaws.

  2. michaelbanak says:

    hey love these drawings!

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