A Perfect Day in Retirement

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Foolishness

  1. Your sister Heidi says:

    That certainly was a perfect day! But what the hell are YOU doing with a rifle? The last time I remember you having a rifle (except for the borrowed one during your National Guard days) was back in the 60’s during the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. I can still see you sitting in front of our house with that rifle in your hands. Sure don’t want to experience something like that again.

    When you now go fishing, do you plan on shooting the poor fish after having been caught?

    What does the wife and grandsons say to this?

    • Heidi…It’s the same rifle I bought in 1965. I discovered my fishing buddy Jock had a .22 rifle and lastt week we went fishing in Los Padres Forest, and brought out rifles too. Get fun shotin’ at stuff.

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