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Well, I’ve really got nothing to say.  There’s been a lot of stuff on my mind lately.  So it’s Zippo, Nada, nothing.  I’ve come up short.

New Post

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Hey, it’s been a few days and I was gettin’ to thinkin’,  I better post some thing on the Idiot.

Let me think.

Here’s one.

I call it Three Men.

Don’t ask why.

I don’t know though.

Maybe a little too pensive?

Maybe it’s just stupid.

I better sit back and think about this one for a while

O K, so you want to draw nudes?  Best way to start is to see what the old masters were doing in their figure studies and copy some of their work.  These two are after Jean Aguste Ingres.  One of my favorite French artists

One more while we’re on a roll.

You’ll have to forgive the bad Photo-shopping.  But you get the general idea.  What’s interesting is how aesthetics have changed over time, and how different the ideal of the feminine  in the 17th century was versus the grotesque, hyper inflated (implant laden) forms of today.


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OK…I’m a lazy turd.  Same post is on Hansi’s Hallucinations.  But actually the Hansi post is more of a Blithering Idiot Post.  Maybe Hansi is a Blithering Idiot.