The Car-sick Song

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Flat-0ut Bullshit

Hep-sing tung and the ying ying yung

The ying ying yung and hep-sing tung.


This is a song my father used to sing while driving on long trips.  L A to Wisconsin, and later L A to Vista California.   Just those two verses repeated over and over again, endlessly.  Thing was, by the time dear old dad started  a singing, both my sister and I were starting to get car-sick in the back seat.  Hence the name “Car-sick Song”.  I don’t know if Pop was just tuned out, happy to be going somewhere with the family, or if he felt that would somehow sooth Sis and me?   But the only way he would stop singing would be a warning from us kids that some projectile vomiting was heading over the front seat and into his lap.   Worked every time.   Ah the fond memories of youth.


  1. Your sister Heidi says:

    Hansii, oh how I remember that song! Just the thought of it gets my stomach turning one flip after another. I can remember vomiting so much during the trips to Wisconsin in the early 50’s, a five day trip in a dark green ’49 Hudson, that Mom needed the two weeks we were there just to get my weight back to normal, which I then lost again on the way back to LA, cuz dear old Dad NEVER stopped singing that Car-Sick song. What I also remember from those trips is that you got to sit up front while Mom sat in the back to try to get me to take a nap. As soon as I had my head in her lap and my eyes closed, you would yell “Look there’s a train!” Whereas I would jump up with a “Where?”much to Moms dismay. Oh yes, the fond memories of our youth.

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