Limericks Schmericks

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Flat-0ut Bullshit

You just gotta love limericks.  the perfect form for satirical, and scatological, verse.  Here’s a few I dug out of the sewer archives.  Enjoy:

There’s nothing better that I seem to adore

Than a tale bout some dirty old whore.

How she’s nasty and raw

And breaking the law,

While leaving her customers screaming for more.


There once was a man named Frank

Whose wife was a trailer-park skank.

That sweet little darlin’

Could give a good schnarlin’

So the rest of the Trash thought her top rank.


There once was a man named Frank

Whose wife he often liked to spank.

He got a little kinky

And his finger, somewhat stinky

Fore upon his dong, she often times did yank.


A Man who was rather a scold

Found his wife frigid and cold

She could never get hot

He couldn’t find the right spot

So all his lovemaking was put on hold


There once was a gal named Palin

Who was in need of a vigorous nailin’

She was kind of a fox

With those long brown locks

But every time she opened her mouth, it was  only wailin’


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