Per Verse

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Foolishness
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I went to the Dispensary,

To see what I could see.

They gave me some stuff called, Ecstasy.

The price was a little bloated,

But the shit got me loaded.

Said, “This is the drug for me.”


I really have nothing to say.

Hey diddle dee, hey diddle day.

Nothing wise, let alone profound,

I’m basically covering the same old ground.

I shouldn’t write another word,

But there ya have it, another turd.


Dingle Dan, was dingle done.

The poor boy had too much fun.

Now Dingle Dan, who was really spun,

Thought he’d go out for a little run.

While on the run, a lass he did spy,

Who he thought was the apple of his eye.

The apple of his eye, had a hairy pie.

Hairy pie? Dan wasn’t shy.

Also not shy, was the little lass.

Old Dan wound up with a piece of ass.

  1. hansi says:

    Drugs, brain farts and sex <–: Is that all you think about?

  2. hansi says:

    Well it sure seems like it to me. In fact, you said it above ” nothing profound, just covering the same old ground”.

  3. hansi says:

    See…even Madeline is on my side.

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