Lets Flow Fake A Plop

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Foolishness

Let’s flow fake a plop
Let’s flow fake a plop
Come on…let’s flow fake a plop
You can flock it, even fold it, maybe try to even hold it
Fake a plop.
All the frats and clicks, are smacking their lips, at the plop.

You can flop it or roll it, even bend, spindle, mutilate or behold it
Fake a plop.
All the rats and hicks are busy bein’ kicked when they plop.
Let’s flow fake a plop, or maybe.
Let’s be hot to trot, oh Sadie!
We can bop until we drop.
Come on, let’s plop at least a drop.

This may make a little more sense, were one to listen to Danny and the Juniors’ “At The Hop”

  1. hansi says:

    That was petty clever how you made up new words o that old rock and roll (not rock) song. By the way, Danny and the Juniors, had a follow-up it, that sounded the same: “Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay”.

    • OK smarty-pants, so you know your rock and roll history. Who cares about a bunch of east coast greasers who only had one hit? Everybody know rock and roll is here to stay, it’s just rap music I hope will hit the bricks. Yo, Hoe hit da Doe

  2. hansi says:

    So, you don’t like Rap?

  3. hansi says:

    Shizzle my dizzle.

    • Hey jerk-off, there’s no profanity allowed on this web-site, so shizzle your drizzling dizzle somewhere else. I’ve got my askimet turn on and am not gonna allow filthy potty mouths like you commenting here, so phuck-off.

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