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True Confessions

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January 9 2014 005I’ve got a shit-load of good stuff written for this blog, with quick ink sketches to match.  But, it’s all in longhand, and frankly, I’ve been too damn lazy to photograph the drawings and type all this stuff up into a blog post.  So its sitting there in piles of stuff I’ve put off and don’t wanna deal with.

Maybe I don’t wanna sit in front of a computer, because that’s what I do all day when I go to The House Of Pain twice a week for four hours and crank out repetitive mindless computerized probation bullshit (which generally results in some poor turd getting screwed by a return to court) for my former employer, my counties’ Probation Department.

The most addictive think I know of is nicotine – a hard habit to break.  The second most is money!  [Some would argue that #2 is pussy*, but for me, that’s dropped way down the list of intoxicants that can ruin one’s life].  I retired from fighting crime way back in 2004, but within six months, found myself going back part-time, and having been working as such pretty much ever since.  It’s not that I have a bad pension.  What with Social Security, I’m doing just fine.

But having that extra income coming in makes things even finer.  Not that I’m gonna rush out and buy a bunch of shit.  Hell No!  You don’t get rich by buyin’ stuff, ya get rich by saving it.  Thing is, one can get strung-out in the pursuit of filthy lucre.  So ya wanna only do it in moderation, and not let it blow your mind…like it’s blowing mine.

* Okay, I gotta be politically correct here, and not offend anyone.  The term ‘pussy’ is just a metaphor for sex drive, both male and female.  Nothing sexist or insensitive.  And if ya truly despise the word, thing Poontang instead.  [Mike Huckabee made me say that] 🙂

Lesson For The Day

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B I 011

Don’t ever, and I’m talkin’ never ever, draw on scrap paper if you’re trying to produce some serious artwork.  This is a truism, worthy of being written on a bathroom wall.  Good thing this wasn’t a serious piece, or I would have cropped out the fact that I’m drawing on some cheap-ass paper The Wife scrounged from some garbage can or thrift store.  Garbage in – garbage out?  Perhaps.  Something to thing about.

Meet The Beatles

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Right now I’m listening to the Beatles first U.S. album Meet the Beatles – on vinyl.  Just got it from my favorite local used records store. Sounds pretty good.  Not Sgt Peppers or White Album quality work, but still good.  Sure blew my mind when the British invaded the States in 1963-64.  Suddenly, there was a whole new music scene.  Mop hair groups playing this really different rock and roll; sounding a lot like Chuck Berry and Little Richard from the 50’s. [Mainly because they were covering all their old songs].

Back then, you were either in one of two camps.  You were either a Beatles fan, or a Rolling Stones fan.  I always liked the Stones best, even though I rushed out an bought Meet The Beatles when it came out.  The Stones played more blusy type of stuff, which sounded like nothing I’d hear before.  How was I to know that all they were doing is covering older R&B stuff which didn’t get much airplay except on ‘black stations’?  I was too much into surf music and the Beach Boys.

Anyway, I bought this album when it first came out in early 1964.  Wow, it blew me away, and I played it to death.  But by the time Jimi Hendix’s first album: “Are You Experienced?” came out, Meet The Beatles was sounding pretty lame, and I ended up getting rid of it to make room for Cream, Credence and the Jefferson Airplane.  50 years latter, in January 2014, I’m buying the same record, and this time playing it on a good stereo system, and it’s blowing me away on how good it sounds.  Funny when that happens.


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dingleberries 007I’m calling these two small drawings Dingle-berries.  They’re small like berries (blue berries are my favorite, but I like red and black ones too), and they’re just dumb single sketches.  So ya get Dingle-Berries.  Could have been berries that dingle, and we’ll get to that in the next paragraph.  But “dingle-berry’ has a certain ring to it.

And speaking of rings of dingle-berries ringing around something, don’t ya hate it when you got your pants full of em? I sure do!   Cause they just don’t roll off of ya, but cling to things.  And, their removal requires an elaborate procedure – not like one that you’d get if ya had to take a trip to the Emergency Room – but still a ritual, like a washing you have to endure.

I wonder if Medicare pays for dingle-berry removal (a dingle-ectomy?).  If it does, I’m gonna start a part-time business going around to all the ‘rest homes’, blowing dingle-berries off of old geezers like myself.  It could be my second career.

dingleberries 006

Legalize It!

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The War On Drugs is over.  Drugs won.  The state of California was the first to legalize the use of marijuana for medical use way back in 1996 with its Proposition 215 [got to love the Golden State – I do, I’m a native of Southern California].  Since then, a multitude of states have legalized ‘medical marijuana’; and now two: Washington and Colorado, have flat-out legalized it for personal use.  We now know where all the old hippies have gone.

Medical marijuana is a bit of a joke in my opinion.  Anyone can find a doctor, who, for $80…$65 if ya cut out a coupon from a cheap tabloid, will ‘recommend (can’t prescribe it) cannabis use for relief from the suffering caused by insomnia, nausea, arthritis, depression and a long list of shit for which two aspirin would work just as well.  “What’s the matter son, feeling a little blue?  Well smoke this”.  Pretty cool, huh.

What that means is: if ya go through the rigamarole of going to some doctor ( mine was eighty years old, and had a walker and oxygen tank next to his desk from which he never looked up and was writing as fast as he could), and get your cannabis card, Pot is totally legal for you.  You then can get as baked as ya want, and not get paranoid about getting busted for having a joint on ya.  Not only that, but you can possess up to eight ounces of some of the best weed grown in the world, and better yet, grow your own super potent hybrid plants easily obtainable from a Dispensary.  No seeds and stems like in them baggies of ‘grass’ ya bought in the sixties.

Here’s the thing.  With your cannabis card, you’re not just some burned-out pothead whose mind was blown years ago.  Nope.  You’re a “medical patient” who just so happens to respond favorably to herbal medications.  And, your doctor recommended it.  Don’t get much better than that.  Not even ‘Big Pharma’ who’s pushing a shit-load of drugs on TV, can beat that. Cialis and free trial offers notwithstanding.

So…If it can be legal (hypothetically) for me because I jumped through a couple of hoops.  Why not just flat-out legalize it?  Then you could regulate it, remove the criminal element, and tax the hell out of it.  That’s what they did with alcohol (by far a more destructive drug than the humble herb) and tobacco (hard to believe that shit’s still legal).

Just a though.  Foolishness?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

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I used to follow this blogger who drew elves.  Not crude, sleazy, somewhat perverted elves like I do, but really fine pen n ink drawings.  She even offered to send handwritten letters from her home in England via flying snail-mail. I got one, and it blew my mind.  I mailed her a “Hansi” letter in return, and it blew her mind.

I think it’s a wonderful thing to have your mind blown.  Not like in where brains and all that shit is splattered everywhere.  That’s called blowing your brains out.  Blowing your mind (sounds like some kinda metaphysical fellatio) is really a time of enlightenment, clear thinking, being present and experiencing everything as for the first time.  Realizing that everything you thought was true, was only delusion and of no substance whatsoever.

Here’s what I sent Ziggy

zigelope 001

ziggy 002